Do you love what you eat?  I do.  I eat very well, because I strive to eat according to certain principles. I think that things worth doing are worth doing well, and for me that means doing things the right way.  You’ll hear me talk more about what’s right if you continue to read my blog, but I’ll start by saying that the right way is the ethical way, and the thoughtful way and usually the long, slow way.  The way that is the least harmful to the planet and the most beneficial to the people on that planet. It is local, seasonal and sustainable.

I grew up on a New England  sheep farm, where I learned an appreciation for the outdoors and hard work that most people don’t get to experience. When I was 9 I had my first horse, and I took care of him entirely by myself, as my mother hated horses. We grew much of our own food, raised lamb and chickens and goats and ducks, built our own house, chopped our own wood for fuel and had a pretty good life. That childhood experience has shaped the course of my life. Farming and growing, working hard and working together have become essential to a life lived with value, courage and joy.

It has not been easy for me. At the age of 30 I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, a much misunderstood mood disorder cause by a chemical imbalance in the brain. It has been a bit of a roller coaster over the last years, but I try to stay focused, and strive to live a balanced life in harmony with my environment.  Yoga, knitting, writing, medication and my family’s continual support help me stay on the top side of this crazy tightrope we call life.

I currently work at a small private school where I run a garden program and get to teach young adults how to grow their own food (and work hard, and eat well, among other things).   I have a small teaching garden whose produce supplies the students, faculty, staff and school kitchen with fresh local produce three seasons of the year.  During the winter I grow in a specialized greenhouse called a Growing Spaces growing dome (Check it out https://growingspaces.com/growing-dome-tours/)

Thank you for visiting my blog.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

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